Portable torque gauge RZE-T Series

  • A handy type torque gauge with a measuring part and display part separated.
  • The measuring part allows the use of a commercially available hex bit for a wider application.

Examples of use

  • Measurement of torque of retightening and returning screws
  • Measurement of breakage torsion torque


RZE-T-20 RZE-T-100
Max. force 2000mN・m
Min. display unit 1mN・m
Measurement unit mN・m
Accuracy ±1%F.S.
Sampling cycle 1 ms, 5 ms, 16 ms, 50 ms, 125 ms and 250 ms selectable
Display update interval 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 times/sec. selectable
Display LCD, signed, 5 digits
Output USB output
Analog voltage ±2V/F.S.
Printer output
Motorized stand control
External contact hold
Continuous use time 30 hours after full charge
Power supply Nickel-metal hydride battery
AC adapter Model 780
Mass Approx. 375g
Standard accessories Display: RZE-S
Torque meter
Standard attachment
Software RZ-3000,
I/O cable RZE-OP-1,
I/O cable RZE-OP-2,
Mitutoyo DP-1VR printer cable RZE-OP-3,
Sanei Electric line thermal printer cable RZE-OP-4

Document download and related products

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RZE-T-20 Measuring part(PDF) RZE-T-100 Measuring part(PDF)

Instruction manual(Japanese) Instruction Manual(English)