Handy type indicator RZE-S

  • A handy type force indicator.
  • Load cells selectable freely and little restriction on selectable places.
  • A built-in battery enables measurement in a place where no power supply is available.


Measurement unit Depends on the load cell used.
Accuracy Depends on the load cell used.
Sampling cycle 1ms, 5ms, 16ms, 50ms, 125ms, 250ms selectable
Display update interval 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 times/sec. selectable
Output USB output
Analog voltage &plusmn2V/F.S.
Printer output
Motorized stand control
External contact hold
Continuous use time 30 hours after full charge
Power supply Nickel-metal hydride battery
AC adapter Model 780(100VAC – 240VAC)
Mass Approx. 375g (Main unit only)
Options Load cell,
software RZ-3000,
I/O cable RZE-OP-1,
I/O cable RZE-OP-2,
Mitutoyo DP-1VR printer cable RZE-OP-3,
Sanei Electric line thermal printer cable RZE-OP-4,
RZE-OP-1 : For Stand control function only
RZE-OP-2 : For Stand control function, Analog output and Comparator output

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External View of Indicator(PDF)

Instruction manual(Japanese) Instruction Manual(English)

Load cell Software RZ-3000