Data software for RZE(RZ) Series RZ-3000

  • Capable of acquiring changes in force values successively and drawing graphs on the time axis.
  • Capable of recording continuous compression and tensile data.
  • A list of max. values stored in RZE(RZ) can be pasted to Excel.
  • When combined with a motorized stand, simple force characteristics tests are possible.
  • The USB cable is included with the RZE(RZ) main unit as a standard accessory.
  • English OS supported.

Examples of use

  • Compression test
  • Tensile test
  • Strength test


Major application Data software for RZE(RZ) Series
Computer standard DOS/V compliant IBM/PC compatible
Operating system(OS) Microsoft Windows 7, 8,10 : Japanese , English or Simplified Chinese
CPU Intel Core i3 Processor 2.0GHz min.
Main memory 2048 MB min. (4096 MB min. recommended)
Hard disk drive 20 to 300 MB according to operating environments
Optical drive CD-ROM drive x 1
When this software is installed.
Display High color (16 bits) min. (32 bits. min. recommended)
Desktop area 1024 x 768 min. recommended
Communication port USB port x 1