Large torque tester MODEL-5127VC/500

  • A stationary type large-sized torque tester.
  • Capable of testing the strength of individual parts such as shafts, hubs and gears and measuring the combined axial forces of gear units, cam units, etc.

Example of use

  • Hub torque measurement
  • Axial force measurement
  • Torque breakage test


Torque capacity 50N・m(5kgf・m)
Torque accuracy ±0.5%F.S.
Torque measuring amplifier MODEL-1016C
Controller Built in
Load table rotating speed 0.05~2PRM
Rotating accuracy ±0.5%
Rotating angle indication, setting ±0 – 999.9 degrees
Rotary table size Φ200mm
Drive motor Servo motor
Detector Rotary encoder
Display accuracy 1deg
Amplifier mass Approx. 5.2 kg
Power supply 3-phase, 200 VAC, 10 A
Standard set Tester, torque measuring amplifier MODEL-1016C, torque meter 1 piece
Options Additional torque meter, jig/fixture, software, safety cover

Document download and related products

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Software FS-700 Accessory/Jig