Switch feeling tester GT-FL200

  • A tester dedicated to force-displacement feeling test of such devices as various types of switches, keyboards, dome switches and rubber switches.
  • XYZ 3-axis automatic control.
  • Capable of testing up to 16 ON/OFF contacts.
  • Real-time display of waveforms on the amplifier and PC screen.

Example of use

  • Tact switch feeling test
  • Keyboard switch feeling test
  • Metal dome switch feeling test


Z axis (test) specifications
Max. force 50N(5kgf)
Drive method AC servo motor
Control motion Up/down
Drive range 0~200mm
Force measuring range 0~50N(0~5kgf)
Force resolution 0.001N(1mN)
Force accuracy Depends on the load cell used.
Detector Rotary encoder
Displacement measuring range 0~200mm
Displacement resolution 0.001mm
Display accuracy ±0.05mm
Test speed range 0.1~50mm/min
Moving speed range 1~15mm/sec.
Analog output ±10 V (force, displacement)
Dimensions W380×D530×H750mm
Mass Approx. 25kg
Power supply AC100V/AC200~230V
X-Y axes (move) specifications
Drive method Stepping motor
Control motion X: Right/left, Y: Front/back
Drive range X : 0~200mm
Y : 0~200mm
Detector Rotary encoder
Displacement resolution 0.01mm
Display accuracy ±0.1mm
Moving speed range 1~30mm/sec.
Sample table size W200×D200mm
Sample carrying mass Approx. 20kg
Standard set Tester, Model 1013Ⅱ, load cell 1 piece, dedicated software
Options Personal computer(English or Japanese), additional load cell, jig/fixture