Round rod chuck TR Series

  • A scroll chuck jig to grip round rods.
  • High holding power in round rod chuck tensile test.

Example of use

  • Tensile test


TR-1 TR-4 TR-5A TR-5
Capacity 3kN 10kN 50kN
Jaw max. opening width (mm) φ0.5~3 φ2~9 φ3~13 φ10~20
Type Scroll type
Mounting part M6 x 1 depth 12 1/2-20UNF depth 20 1-12UNF depth 40
Mass (g) 70 500 2500
Option Conversion screw

Document download and related products

External View TR-1(PDF)

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External View TR-5A(PDF)

External View TR-5(PDF)