Small load cell for compression test

Model CK Series

・A small-sized load cell dedicated to compression test.
・Most suitable for measurement of loads in a limited space.

Small load cell for compression test-Model CK Series

Examples of use

Useful for measurement of load distribution, etc. by use of several load cells.


ModelModel CK Series
Rated capacity100N - 20kN
Rated outputApprox. 1 mV/V(10 & 20kN : 1.5mV/V)
Nonlinearity1%R.O.(10 & 20kN : 2%R.O.)
Hysteresis1%R.O.(10 & 20kN : 2%R.O.)
Recommended applied voltage5V
Allowable applied voltage7V
Input/output resistance350Ω±2.5%(100N - 1kN : ±2%)
Insulation resistance1000 MΩ or over
Temperature compensation range-5 ~ +65°C (2 - 20kN : -5 - +50°C)
Allowable temperature range-10 ~ +70°C (2 - 20kN : -10 - +60°C)
Zero point influence by temperature±0.5%R.O./°C
Output influence by temperature±0.5%R.O./°C
Allowable overload120%R.C.
Cable length3m(100N - 1kN : 2m)
Tip shapeLoose end

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