Feeling Tester

Model 1910/1 (Push type)

・Feeling (load-distance) test of on-board push switches.
・Waveform data shown on a PC in real time.
・Switch ON-OFF point detection; 8 points max.
・Any of non-voltage contact measurement, contact voltage drop point measurement and resistance measurement selectable.

Feeling tester Model-1910/1


Model MODEL-1910/1
Main unit and controller specifications
Max. load 200N
Test speed 2 - 600 mm/min. variable
Move speed Low, middle, high
Load detection method Load cell Model 3020
Load display resolution 0.01N
Measuring load accuracy ±0.2%F.S.
Distance detection method Motor pulse
Max. measuring range 145 mm
Distance measurement accuracy Within ±0.05 mm
Contact ON-OFF point detection 8 contacts, non-voltage or voltage drop point
Contact resistance measurement Voltage drop measurement
Control PLC
Tester - PC communication Ethernet
Dimensions W600 x D700 x H2052 mm
Mass Approx. 240 Kg
Power supply 100VAC/200VAC ±10%
Jig/fixture (Optional)
Manual X-Y stage Manual X-Y stage±100mm
Manual tilt-horizontal rotary stage Tilt ±90 deg, rotation 360 deg
Standard set Tester
Load cell Model 3020
Dedicated software
Options Personal computer
Manual X-Y stage
Manual tilt-horizontal rotary stage