Embossed carrier tape adhesion tester

  • Designed to test the adhesion strength of embossed carrier tape by a method based on the JIS and EIAJ/JEITA standards.

Example of use

  • Test of adhesion of embossed carrier tape


Peeling force 5N(500gf)
Resolution 0.001N(0.1gf)
Force indicator MODEL-0218B
Peeling speed 50、100、200、300、400mm/min
Peeling angle 165 – 180 degrees (with 5-deg graduation)
Effective length 400mm
Max. tape width 88mm
Display update frequency Max. 15 times/sec. (10 times/sec. when shipped)
Analog output 10V F.S.
Dimensions W630×H300×D260mm
Stand mass Approx. 16.5kg
Power supply Single phase, 100 VAC/220 VAC, 1A
Standard set Tester, body cover, software (download)

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