Software dedicated to FTN Series stands(Free download version) FTN-3000

  • Some functions of the full spec version are not available.
  • Can be downloaded from this page.
  • No technical support is provided.
  • English OS supported.


Computer standard DOS/V compliant IBM/PC compatible
Operating system(OS) Microsoft Windows 7, 8,10 : Japanese or English
CPU Intel Core i3 Processor 2.0GHz min.
Main memory 2048 MB min. (4096 MB min. recommended)
Hard disk drive 20 to 300 MB according to operating environments
Optical drive CD-ROM drive x 1
When this software is installed.
Display High color (16 bits) min. (32 bits. min. recommended)
Desktop area 1024 x 768 min. (1280 x 1024 min. recommended)
Communication port USB port x 1

Comparison with the download version

Function FTN-3001
(Full spec)
Stand operation
Test start/stop control
Cross head inching operation
Stand panel lock setting
Basic setting acquisition/transmission
Detailed setting (S-1) acquisition/ transmission
Stand status display
Communication status display
Stand mode display
Test mode display
Force track value display
Displacement track value display
Alarm display
Speed present value display
Stand basic information acquisition/ display
Test direction display
Data display
Test count display
Graph cursor position data display
Stand detection result display
Test status display
Stand detection result list display
Graph cursor display
Result graph cursor position pickup registration
Stand detection result list totalization
Result list re-totalization
Test passage time display
Stand detection result list totalization selection
Graph display related
Result waveform graph display
Scale graduation display (X, Y)
Scale auto/manual setting
Waveform display data reverse setting
Graph display axis selection
Graph overlap display
Graph overlap file registration
Line draw selection
Dot draw selection
Character draw selection
Draw width selection
Draw color selection
Graph background color selection
Pickup registration position, No. display
Force trigger level display
Graph re-draw selection
Graph draw form display
Graph overlap draw color change
Real time graph draw
Test condition related
Speed simple setting
Stand result clear selection
Test date automatic registration
Test person free registration
Test item free registration
Remarks free registration
Stand control selection
Time test selection
Time test measurement time setting
Continuous test count setting
Sampling rate setting
Moving average count setting
Displacement resolution setting
File related
Test data CSV file save
Test data file load
Stand detection result list CSV file save
Graph overlap registration file save
Graph overlap registration file load
Pickup data list CSV file save
Application setting
Inching, keyboard lock setting
Serial communication setting
Stand status display update time setting
Application screen display setting
System timer setting
Log file initialization selection
Real-time graph draw selection
Force unit selection(N/kgf/gf/Lb)
Language selection
Test condition lock selection
Printing related
Printer selection
Waveform graph print
Test condition print
Pickup list print
Stand detection result list print
Printer display
Other Waveform graph, clipboard copy

Download Free ver. and Full spec version

Download Free ver.(zip)

Full spec version FTN-3001