Desktop force tester FTN1-13A

  • A desktop force tester.
  • Most suitable for strength evaluation test.
  • Displacement resolution 0.01 mm.
  • Most suitable for testing small parts.
  • Dedicated PC software included (control & data acquisition).
  • Up to three load cells can be used.

Examples of use

  • Strength test
  • Electronic device properties evaluation


Max. force 500N(50kgf) 2KN(200kgf)
Force accuracy Depends on the load cell used.
Force measuring amplifier Built in
Controller Built in
Test speed 5~300mm/min 5~125mm/min
Speed changing Numeric input (Settable on the PC)
Stroke 390mm
Distance between test center and column 100mm
Table size W174×D200mm
Drive motor Stepping motor
Detector Rotary encoder
Display accuracy ±0.2mm
Dimensions W300×D400×H823mm
Stand mass Approx. 40 kg
Power supply Single phase, 100VAC – 240VAC 3A
Standard set Tester, load cell(3000 Series or UP Series) 1 piece, free download version software FTN-3000
Options Additional load cell, jig/fixture, paid software FTN-3001

Document download and related products

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Load cell Accessory/Jig

Software(Free) FTN-3000 Software(Full) FTN-3001