Urethane foam load measuring tester MODEL-1900N

  • Model 1900N is designed to test such cushion materials as urethane foam, sofa and sheet.
    When necessary test conditions (preloading force, preloading time, etc.) are input in accordance with the procedures shown on the screen,this tester measures the initial thickness and calculates a load value from the set compression ratio or a compression ratio from the set load value to acquire data at three freely set points of thickness.


Measurement capacity 3kN(300kgf)
Min. reading accuracy 1N(0.1kg). 0.2% F.S.
Pressing force receiving table W700×D700mm
Pressurizing plate φ200mm±0.1mm
Pressurizing effective height 350mmMAX
Test speed 10~600mm/min
Preloading force 1N~100N(0.1~10.0kgf)
Preloading time 00m00s~99m59s
Down stop position 1 – 99% (compression ratio)
Stop time 00m00s~99m59s
Rest time 00m00s~99m59s
Detector Rotary encoder
Thickness detection accuracy 350.0mm±0.1% F.S.
Drive mechanism Ball screw
Drive motor Servo motor
Drive record Dot printer
Power supply 100 VAC ±10%