Force measuring amplifier MODEL-1016C

  • Force – displacement and torque – angle measurement.
  • Switch feeling test.
  • Creep test.
  • Save the data to the CF card.

Examples of use

  • LCD touch panel.
  • Four-quadrant operation necessary for reciprocal measurement realized.
  • Communication rate as high as 230.4 kbps.
  • Capable of calibrating loads of ten load cells maximum.
  • Capable of reading force and displacement at points selected with the cursor.


Major application Amplifier and stand control for force/torque tester sensors
Max. force Depends on the load cell used.
Accuracy Depends on the load cell used.
Controller Stand control output
Test speed Depends on the stand used.
Speed setting method Main unit only.
Displacement detection method A/B phase up/down counter x 2 channels, resolution 24 bits
Dimensions H132.5×W260×D280mm
Mass Approx. 5.2kg
Power supply AC100V±10% 0.3A