Motorized stand MODEL-1309RZE

  • This is a desktop simple tester with a displacement indicator added to the existing simple type.
  • It acquires FS data by sharing the communication function of RZE Series and is capable of drawing waveforms on a PC and storing results.
  • The dedicated software RZ-3009 and dedicated cable are included as standard accessories.
  • The digital force gage RZE Series is optional.

Examples of use

  • 3-point bending test
  • Buckling test
  • Shear test


Max. force 1kN(100kgf)
Accuracy Depends on the digital force gage RZE used.
Test speed 10~300 mm/min.
Speed changing LO:10 mm/min.
MD:100 mm/min.
HI:200 mm/min.
VR:10~300 mm/min.
※The above speeds are standard settings.
When specified on an order, the setting may be changed within the test speed range.
Stroke 400mm
Display resolution 0.1mm
Displacement indication
(Max. indication)
Table size 295×175mm
Mass Approx. 35Kg
Dimensions W300×D340×H850mm
Power supply AC100V~120V / AC200~240V
Standard set Tester,
dedicated PC software: RZ-3009
RZE connection dedicated cable
USB cable

jig mounting plate OJ-P-90(for tentile test)

Options Digital force gage: RZE Series

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Digital force gage RZE Series