Horizontal force tester

Model 2152VCE

・A horizontal type force tester.
・Suitable for testing small workpieces since workpieces can be set easily.
・Options available for die shear test of boards, electronic devices, etc.

Horizontal force tester-Model 2152VCE

Examples of use

Die shear test
Connector strength test


Model MODEL-2152VCE
Max. force 500N(50kgf)
Force accuracy Depends on the load cell used.
Force measuring amplifier MODEL-1016C
Controller Built in
Test speed 10 - 80mm/min
Speed changing 5 steps or stepless
Stroke 150mm
Distance between test center and column 77.5 - 117.5mm
Table size W100×D100mm
Drive motor DC brushless motor
Detector Rotary encoder, resolution 0.01 mm
Display accuracy 0.1mm
Dimensions W518×H314×D345mm
Stand mass Approx. 23 kg
Amplifier mass Approx. 5.2kg
Power supply Single phase, 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 0.5A
Standard set Tester, force measuring amplifier Model 1016C, load cell 1 piece
Options Additional load cell, jig/fixture, software