Vertical & horizontal manual stand

Model 2256

・Can be used both in vertical and horizontal installation.
・Movement by turning the feed screw enables testing of large force at small load.
・Stoppable under loaded condition.

Vertical & horizontal manual stand-Model 2256

Examples of use

Tensile & compression tests
Strength test
Peeling test


Model MODEL-2256
Max. force 500N(50kgf)
Test speed Manual
Stroke 240 mm, movement by 3 mm by one turn of handle
Table size Vertical: W200 x D120 mm
Horizontal: W70 x D60 mm
Dimensions W200 x H500 x D150 mm (handle included)
Stand mass Vertical: Approx. 16 kg
Horizontal: Approx. 12 kg
Options Force gage, jig/fixture, cable, jig mounting plate OJ-P-90 (for tensile test)