Digital indicator

Model 0218B

・A small-sized, light-weight, low-priced simple digital indicator.
・Data hold function.
・Peak hold function.
・External reset function.
・One-touch auto zero function.
・High and low values settable as desired.
・Analog output.

Digital indicator-Model 0218B

Examples of use

Load indicator
Weight indicator


Applied voltage5 VDC
Signal input rangeDC0.5 - 3.5mV/V
A/D conversion speed15 times/sec.
Analog outputVoltage: 0 – ±10 VDC, current: 0 (4) – 20 mA
Indication range99999, -19999
Response10, 100, 1kHz
Power supplyAny of 100 VAC, 110 VAC, 200 VAC and 220 VAC specifiable when placing an order
MassApprox. 2 kg
OptionLoad cell