Spring tester SW Series

  • It can measure both compression and tension springs
  • Easy operate for condition setting and product number registration on touch panel screen
  • Product number registration can be registered up to 100th
  • Spring rate, Free length, Solid hight、Pre- tension, Step operation(Up to 3 steps)
  • Printing results by built-in Printer
  • Optional PC software available


SW-1 SW-5 SW-10 SW-50 SW-100
Capacity 10N 50N 100N 500N 1kN
Force Resolution 0.0001N 0.001N 0.001N 0.01N 0.01N
Measuring range 1% to 100% F.S.( At the time of  Force measurement  or take Spring rate) 0.5% to 100% F.S.( At the time of  Force measurement  or take Spring rate)
Force Acuracy ±0.2% F.S.
Unit of measurment N(only in JAPAN  )    At overses it can use unit  kg and lb
Test Speed 10 to 600 mm/min
Max measurable length 205mm 390mm
length resolution 0.001㎜
Length accuracy ±0.05㎜(with in the range 150mm)
Compression plate diameter Upper 20mm
Lower 60mm
Hook for tensil test 1 type 2 type 1type
Size W460×D350×H545 mm W460×D350×H765mm
Weight Approx  45kgs Approx 70kgs
Power Supply Selectable frorm AC100 to 110V , AC200 to 220V

Print function

Printing results by built-in Printer.
It can Print [Date] resisterd [Model number] [Value] [OK or NG].

<Example of printing>

Operation panel

<Measurement Screen>
Set the Step operation, set the comparate value.

<Test Condition>
Set the measurement condition.
It can save as Item number.

<Item number resist.>
It can resist the Item number.
It can set up to 100th.

※All specifications may be changed without a notice