Motorized stand

Model 1309RZ

・This is a desktop simple tester with a displacement indicator added to the existing simple type.
・It acquires FS data by sharing the communication function of RZ Series and is capable of drawing waveforms on a PC and storing results.
・The dedicated software RZ-3009 and dedicated cable are included as standard accessories.
・The digital force gage RZ Series is optional.

Motorized stand-Model 1309RZ

Examples of use

3-point bending test
Buckling test
Shear test


Model MODEL-1309RZ
Max. force 1kN(100kgf)
Accuracy Depends on the digital force gage RZ used.
Test speed 10 - 300 mm/min.
Speed changing LO: 10 mm/min.
MD: 100 mm/min.
HI: 200 mm/min.
VR: 10 - 300 mm/min. *The above speeds are standard settings.
When specified on an order, the setting may be changed within the test speed range.
Stroke 400mm
Display resolution 0.1mm
Displacement indication (Max. indication) &plusmn400mm
Table size 295×175mm
Mass Approx. 35Kg
Dimensions W300×D340×H850mm
Power supply AC100V - 120V / AC200 - 240V
Standard set Tester, dedicated PC software: RZ-3009, RZ connection dedicated cable,
USB cable
Options Digital force gage: RZ Series, jig/fixture,
jig mounting plate OJ-P-90(for tentile test)