Load cell for compression test

Model CS Series

・A large-capacity and highly precise load cell for compression test.
・Highly resistant to the bending moment to make this model suitable for such tests as fatigue test and repeated load test of workpieces.

Load cell for compression test-Model CS Series


Model Model CS Series
Rated capacity 5kN - 500kN
Rated output 2mV/V±0.25%(10kN : 1.5mV/V)
Nonlinearity 0.1%R.O.
Hysteresis 0.1%R.O.
Repeatability 0.05%R.O.
Recommended applied voltage 10V
Allowable applied voltage 15V
Input/output resistance 350Ω±2%
Insulation resistance 2000 MΩ or over
Temperature compensation range -10 ~ +70°C
Allowable temperature range -20 ~ +80°C
Zero point influence by temperature ±0.005%R.O./°C
Output influence by temperature ±0.005%R.O./°C
Allowable overload 150%R.C.
Cable length 3m
Tip shape Y terminal

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