Cable flexing endurance tester CBL/5S

  • A cable flexing endurance tester compliant with the JIS and UL Standards.
  • Flexing angle changeable between ±40 degrees and ±90 degrees.
  • Capable of testing various materials such as cables, cords and tubes.
  • Both of the interlocked type with 5 channels operating simultaneously and the manual type with each channel operating independently are available.
  • In addition to the 5-channel model, models of a required number of channels are available upon request.
  • Function to stop the tester automatically when cable breakage is detected.

Example of use

  • Harness
  • Plug/socket
  • AC adapter
  • Mouse
  • Earphone


Major application Endurance test of cords, cables, tubes, etc.
Standard Compliant with JIS C 8306 and UL 817
Preset count 999999(×10)
Flexing speed 120 times/min. (maximum) (JIS)
Rotating speed 60 turns/min. (maximum)
Test flexing angle ±60 degrees (JIS)
Steady brace location 300mm(JIS)
Steady brace span 40mm(JIS)
Weight location Not specified (JIS)
Weight As per request (JIS)
Wire flexing diameter As per request (JIS)
Dimensions W1400 x D720 x H1296 mm (5CH type)
Mass Approx. 370 kg (5CH type)
Power supply Single phase, 100 VAC
Standard set Tester, weight with hook (100 g) x 5 pieces
Options Weight, safety cover, jig/fixture

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