3-point bending jig CB50 Series

  • A jig for 3-point bending test in accordance with the JIS test.
  • The radius at three points can be changed. The opening width can be checked visually with the scale.

Example of use

  • Board 3-point bending test
  • Cellular phone bending test


CB50-U2.5 CB50-U2 CB50-U3 CB50-U5
Major application Board 3 – point bending test
CB50-D2.5 CB50-D2 CB50-D3 CB50-D5
Major application Board 3 – point bending test

Document download and related products

External View CB50-U2.5(PDF)

External View CB50-U2(PDF)

External View CB50-U3(PDF)

External View CB50-U5(PDF)

External View CB50-D2.5(PDF)

External View CB50-D2(PDF)

External View CB50-D3(PDF)

External View CB50-D5(PDF)