Spring tester

Model SHR Ⅲ-5000

・A stationary type large tension/compression spring tester.
・Interactive system to enter test conditions on the touch panel.
・Up to 10 test points specifiable.
・Automatic measurement of the length and calculation of the spring constant.
・NO/GO judgment.
・Automatic output of data to the built-in printer.

Spring tester-Model SHR Ⅲ-5000

Examples of use

Spring test



Model MODEL-SHR Ⅲ-5000
Major application Test of tension/compression spring characteristics
N load capacity 50kN(5000kgf)
N min. reading 1N(100gf)
Force measuring amplifier Built in
Controller Built in
Test speed 1 - 600mm/min
Speed changing Numeric input
Max. measurable length 450mm
Compression plate diameter Compression plate upper/lower φ200 mm
Drive motor Servo motor
Detector Rotary encoder
Length min. reading 0.01mm
Hook for tensile test Optional
Dimensions W900×H2215×D600mm
Stand mass Approx. 450 kg
Power supply 3-phase, 200 VAC
Standard set Tester, load cell 1 piece, compression plate upper/lower
Option Hook for tensile test, safety cover, software