Spring tester

Model SHR Ⅲ-100

・A tension/compression spring tester.
・Interactive system to enter test conditions.
・Up to 10 test points specifiable.
・Automatic detection of the free length.
・NO/GO judgment, automatic printing of measured values (on heat-sensitive rolled paper).

Spring tester-Model SHR Ⅲ-100

Examples of use

Spring test



Model MODEL-SHR Ⅲ-100
Major application Test of tension/compression spring characteristics
N load capacity 1kN(100kgf)
N min. reading 0.01N(1gf)
Force measuring amplifier Built in
Controller Built in
Test speed 1 - 600mm/min
Speed changing Numeric input
Max. measurable length 600mm
Compression plate diameter Compression plate upper/lower φ150 mm
Hook upper/lower for tensile test provided
Drive motor Servo motor
Detector Rotary encoder
Length min. reading 0.01mm
Hook for tensile test 1 stage
Dimensions W500×H1310×D450mm
Stand mass Approx. 170 kg
Power supply Single phase, 100 VAC/200VAC
Standard set Tester, load cell 1 piece, hook upper/lower for tensile test, compression plate upper/lower
Option Safety cover, software