Force data acquisition software


・Force test data acquisition software for both FA-1015 amplifier and Model 1016 Series amplifier. (For Model 1016 Series, Ver. 1.9.6 or later version only available)

Force data acquisition software-FS-100


Model FS-100
Major application Force test, switch feeling test, peeling test
Computer standard DOS/V compliant IBM/PC compatible
Operating system
Microsoft Windows XP only
CPU Celeron M 2.0 GHz min.
Main memory 512 MB min. (1024 MB min. recommended)
Hard disk drive When installed: 20 MB min.
When run: Default 20 MB min.
in conjunction with memory usage capacity setting
Optical drive CD-ROM drive x 1
When this software is installed.
Display High color (16 bits) min. (32 bits. min. recommended)
Desktop area 800 x 600 min. (1024 x 768 min. recommended)
Communication port RS232C port