Motorized stand, high speed type

Model 1308UH

・A high speed type of Model 1308U.
・Compliant with the JIS peeling test.

Motorized stand, high speed type-Model 1308UH

Examples of use

Peeling test

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Model MODEL-1308UH
Max. force 200N(20kgf)
Controller Built in
Test speed 10~300mm/min
Speed changing Variable resistor
Stroke 400mm
Distance between test center and column 60mm
Table size W150×D140mm
Drive motor DC speed control motor
Dimensions W255×H810×D300mm
Stand mass Approx. 28 kg
Power supply Single phase 100 – 240 VAC, 0.5 A
Options Force gage, jig/fixture, cable, jig mounting plate OJ-P-90 (for tensile test)